Achieve your business goals effectively with this 1 year consultation program by Pratik Deshpande
My MISSION is simple, to help people grow their business using technology & online sales methods, and to share my knowledge & experience with young minds that can help them achieve greater success.

In 2022, I wish to share my 22 years of experience in creating & running startups effectively in the field of education & electronics. If you are someone who plans to start or already have a startup in these domains and wish to have a guide by your side to minimize the mistakes going further, you may consider connecting with me over email. I have spent 22 years in sales, product designing, setting up business processes for my own startups with the help of latest technology and have effectively scaled them.

Join my 1 year "Business Mentoring" program. In this program, you will be interacting with me live for 45 minutes every 15 days for 1 year. You are entitled for unlimited Q&A over email throughout the year. Onboarding select like minded souls and working closely with them to help them achieve their sales goals using technology & sales techniques.

This is a not-for-profit activity for me. Hence the consulting fees for this 1 year program is very minimal, barely enough to cover the cost of infrastructure. Not all applicants will be onboarded. To check if we are like minded and to let me understand if I posses experience suitable to your business need, lets connect over email first. Send your business brief to , I do not prefer calls as it affects my productivity.

Let's get started!!

Pratik Deshpande,
Co-founder & Director, Knowbbies Educational Services Pvt Ltd.

(Division of Knowbbies Educational Services Pvt Ltd)
205, 2nd Floor, Decision Tower,
Next to CityPride, Satara Road,
Pune 411037 India
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